Thursday, October 11, 2012

Antique China Cabinet Makeover

I know that I said the dictionary dresser was my most favorite piece...but that happened before the antique china cabinet makeover. The china cabinet was the third piece that I did a chalk paint makeover on. This piece makes me SO happy!
If you were to question my style, take one look at this piece! Sure, I like the simple, shabby-chic, goes-with-just-about-anything look...but I LOVE color! I had to do a red piece, and this china cabinet won.

I found her at a local thrift store, but she was in desperate need of some lovin'. I did a 'big purchase' (at the time) and scored the china cabinet, plus an antique dining table with six chairs all in one swoop. The beautiful carving on the front was broken and falling apart, which made me sad. I thought the carving 'made' the cabinet. But then I had a brilliant idea--take it all off, put a lighter color inside and really let her serve her display. As soon as the carving panel was gone, I knew this was going to be good!
Ok, so on to the paint. Some of you are probably looking at me like I'm crazy...and I might be. But, I cannot even tell you how many people have complimented this cabinet! I know the colors are a bold choice, and I also know that the [crazy] perfect buyer will come along! This was also an experiment with layering multiple colors of paint. I think the cabinet has 4 coats in all--white, yellow and two red. I love how the distressing turned out, and then some dark wax really gives it such a rich red color! (*I used ASCP's Emperor's Silk. The paint straight out of the can is ok...but dark wax on this color is an absolute must for me...every time!)

If I had my own house, this china cabinet would be a centerpiece! The best part is she's small--she can be a china cabinet, but she could also live in your living room, family room or hallway. It would perfectly hold books, travel souvenirs, trinkets, or your favorite vintage finds.

Height: 64 inches
Width: 39.5 inches
Depth: 13.5 inches
[She's a pretty little size!]

Price: SALE! $315 (orig. $349)--SOLD!

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